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Hello! I am Ana.


Welcome to my page.



I am a creative person from Zagreb, Croatia, with formal education in macroeconomics, and a job with numbers. But I was always drawn to arts. What I really love is to draw and illustrate. 


I also enjoy creating stuff, making things with my own hands, repurposing, upcycling, photography... I love to lose myself in spaces of my own creativity where the sense of time than magically disap

pears - time passes by unnoticed, like it doesn't even exist. Are you familiar with that feeling? Do you have that thing in your life that makes time to vanish? Think about it for a while. Are you letting yourself do what you most love? Are you chasing your dreams or are they chasing you? If you want to experience the unawareness of time, my best advice would be - do the things you love! Do what makes you happy! Have some compassion for your passion!

When creating, I let my heart and intuition show me the way. I never know in advance what the final result will be. It usually takes me to places I could have not imagined before. And that is the beautiful, exciting part. It is exploration of floating ideas, waiting for to grab them, and pour them into reality. Be welcome to join me, and explore the vast places of our inner abilities. You never know what you can stumble upon there. You could redescover some old new things, be reminded of your hidden treasures, or bust into something totally new and unexpected. Let see where creativity can take us!

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